HAWK - University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Faculty of Design, Metal-Design


Hands-on practical experience has a high priority in the study of Metal Design. It includes testing projects and functioning objects to see whether or not the series is ready to go into production. There are working areas devoted to making jewellery and objects, tools and containers, as well as architecture-related works in metal. The professional field of metal designers is as complex as the material itself and the students move somewhere between applied, free art and design services at HAWK's Faculty of Design.

  • Anne Sophie Schneider low
  • Cathleen Kämpfe
  • Dagmar Gehrke
  • Jil Koehn
  • Julia Krämer
  • Julian Steimer
  • Katja Turpeinen

Evening College for Jewellery Design


The six-term evening college for jewellery design at Schulzentrum Herbststraße in Vienna is the only vocational training of this kind available in Austria. Linking art, crafts and design it provides the basis for a flexible vocational orientation in the field of jewellery design.
 Apart from providing the classical techniques of creating jewellery and working in metal, the college emphasises the professional training of artistic and creative skills. Our team of educators consists of internationally renowned jewellery artists as Susanne Hammer, Margit Hart and Sonja Bischur, as well as professional teachers of theoretical subjects.

  • Alexandra Hofer
  • Andrea Seg
  • Gerda Moedlhammer
  • Iris Baechtold
  • Verena Krems

Gerrit Rietveld Academy


The Rietveld Academy Jewellery Department's programme looks at the potential and scope of jewellery as a medium, with the goal of innovation and further development. It includes various means of approaching the profession and diverse working methods. Emphasis is placed on the student's individual research, which is geared towards the development of a personal approach to his or her subject matter. Students learn to give their themes shape and form and this requires experimentation and an open and methodical way of working.

  • Koen Jacobs 2017 - pendant brass beach sand shells string
  • Martina Turini

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