rf portrait web 400pxRebekah Frank: Art Jewelry Forum (USA)


Art Jewelry Forum works to provide a platform for understanding a jewellery artist's creative intentions, while encouraging collectors and enthusiasts to understand the bigger picture as they connect with their interest in art jewellery. AJF supports artists is by providing opportunities for awards and grants to further artistic research and creative practice. This could not be done without the investment of collectors and enthusiasts who want to challenge and encourage the field by providing financial support for the grants and awards. AJF's executive director, Rebekah Frank, will speak about these opportunities, how they come about, and why they are important to the field of art jewellery.

portrait GhackenbergGésine Hackenberg: Where jewellery and every everyday life meet (Germany/The Netherlands)


Gésine Hackenberg uses diverse techniques and materials to explore the conceptual cross-sections between jewellery and everyday objects. She is investigating how objects from a domestic context relate to the individual and the body. The history of those objects as well as classical topics of art and jewellery history serve as a source of inspiration, always relating those topics to her own contemporary context.
In her talk, Gésine Hackenberg will give a glimpse of her artistic practice, the elements in the process and how stories about preciousness, adornment and the human condition develop.



Will contemporary jewellery ever not need to be defined? Join the speaker as she discusses her career as a curator and writer and her efforts to change the status of the field from emerging to established. Hear about Bella's plans to place contemporary jewellery on every man, woman and child.

The title of the talk, "Placement", refers to an exhibition that the artist curated at the Gallery at Reinstein Ross in May 2015. For this exhibition, jewellery artists were teamed up with street artists to collaborate on a collection of jewellery. Bringing the worlds of street art and art jewellery together was more than just a way for artists from these two art forms to familiarise themselves with each other, as they have something very important in common: they are both a form of public art. The idea of placement is very important to jewellery, because once it is placed on the body it is on view for the entire world to appreciate, like street art, where a mural's placement on a wall allows it to reach a wider audience.

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