Gioielli in Fermento is an international exhibition project and award for contemporary studio jewellery. Starting out in the landscapes of Italy, in the wine-making region of the Emilia hills, surrounded by positive and inspiring environments, the initiative has opened its borders by bringing in established and emerging artists from different countries to express their relationship with this particular context. Contemporary jewellery here can be seen as a "fermenting" creative process: the challenge is to turn natural and available elements into something precious and unique. Special attention is paid to the student section, which involves institutes for art education from all over the world. This particular part of the initiative offers an interesting perspective for younger students and undergraduates looking for further in-depth experiences. Since 2011, more than 500 artists and pieces have been presented, selected by an international board of advisers in the field. All entries to the contest must be submitted by the annual deadline in February. The Gioielli in Fermento 2018 Awarded artist RyungJae Jung is exhibiting his own collection with Gioielli in Fermento #gallery, thanks to the collaboration with JOYA Art Jewellery & Objects and with the support of Allied Group, a multinational company with its heart based in Val Tidone.

  • Barbara Uderzo
  • Celis Cristina
  • Clara Del Papa
  • Corrado De Meo
  • GIF - Fabrizio Tridenti
  • Gesine Hackenberg
  • GIF - Gigi Mariani
  • Iro Kaskani
  • Joo Hyung Park
  • GIF - Liana Pattihis
  • Maria Rosa Franzin
  • Maura Biamonti
  • Rosanna Raljievic
  • GIF - Ryungjae Jung
  • Sara Barbanti