Alchimia Gallery is an initiative that supports the work and creativity of the students studying at its school. Every year, students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds gather at Alchimia to share their passions and dreams of bringing their personal and unique point of view to the jewellery world. This selection of pieces is also a reflection of Alchimia's spirit and identity.

  • Alessia Prati
  • Ashleigh Mc Culloch
  • Chok Shin
  • Daniel Jirkovsky
  • Eve Langford
  • Giselle Effting
  • Hao-Lin Cheng
  • Lisha Wang
  • Sarah Ordonez
  • Sarah Poupart
  • Shuang Yue
  • Silvia Bonardi
  • Wings Yip
  • Yanqi Wuang
  • Yara Diaz
  • Yi-Wen Yang
  • Yu Fang Hu