kunst.wirt.schaft Graz : Art Guest and Project Space, Workshop and Atelier


kunst.wirt.schaft is a project that combines art with hospitality. Founded in 2002, we host a workshop, an atelier and a restaurant in our rooms. The idea of kunst.wirt.schaft is to create art, open dialogues about the artwork and art as such and act as a platform for both newcomers and renowned jewellery artists, as well as for different kinds of art.

  • Andrea Zahlbruckner
  • Gigi Haubenhofer
  • Pilar Gallego
  • Sabine Hirzer



ERGO Galería is an initiative by art historian and jeweller Pamela de la Fuente and Alejandra Wolff, a visual artist and cultural critic, based on reflections regarding the contemporary jewellery circuits in Chile and Latin America. ERGO searches for references and works that highlight the main issues in the international contemporary jewellery scene. ERGO launched in Santiago de Chile at the Las Condes cultural centre with "ERGO Landscape" in November 2016 and Galería ERGO in October 2016 at JOYA Barcelona. ERGO opened its newly constructed building in June 2017 with an exhibition by art jeweller Nicolás Estrada.

  • Celio Braga
  • Clarisa Menteguiaga
  • Elizabeth Burmann
  • Lucas Nunez
  • Mayte Amezcua
  • Melanie Hernandez
  • Poleta Rodete
  • Renata Meirelles
  • Renata Porto


alchimia logo emailALCHIMIA


Alchimia Gallery is an initiative that supports the work and creativity of the students studying at its school. Every year, students from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds gather at Alchimia to share their passions and dreams of bringing their personal and unique point of view to the jewellery world. This selection of pieces is also a reflection of Alchimia's spirit and identity.

  • Ashleigh McCulloch
  • Daniel Jirkovsky
  • Fuyu Tsai
  • Jara Diaz
  • Lai Weng Ian
  • Lisiane Hilario
  • Luisa Quartin
  • Piera Shih
  • Roberta Consalvo
  • Sarah Ordonez
  • Shuang Yue
  • Silvia Bonardi
  • Thomas Catry
  • Yanqi Wang



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