Welcome to the N1.47 jewellery show, where we will present you with a wide range of colourful, fun and fresh ideas! Discover unusual materials and shapes not seen before, created by an international group of young designers who met on their journey through the jewellery world in a mysterious room called N1.47...


  • Beru Inou
  • laura christmann
  • Tereza Duskova
  • Yiqng Cai


Many pieces of auteur jewellery are produced using craft processes. Wood, iron, ceramics, paper, gold... high quality materials that, in the hands of a craftsperson, become pieces in a collection. Artesania Catalunya, which is part of the Catalan Government's Trade, Craftsmanship and Fashion Consortium, shows a selection of contemporary artistic craftwork at JOYA, all produced in Catalonia.


  • Artesania Catalunya - Penelope Vallejo Ceramic Artworks
  • associació dartesans plaça vila de madrid estand


Assamblage - The National Contemporary Jewelry Association was launched in May 2015 during Romanian Design Week, the result of a 6-year project supporting, developing and structuring the emerging field of contemporary jewellery. Assamblage is the main and most active platform in Romania dedicated to the craft and design of jewellery as an independent art form. We have contributed to the cultural context over the past few years with increased activity in the field of jewellery, in close connection with related fields such as architecture, product design and visual arts.


  • Anca Croitoru
  • Andreia Popescu
  • Diana Tobosaru
  • Gabriel Popa
  • Gena Tudor
  • Mihaela Caravan
  • Mona Velciov
  • Monica Iacovenco