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Demitra Thomloudis 1 Tiltframe 4x5x2inches Brass steel powdercoat sharpiemarker pencil paint sealerDEMITRA THOMLOUDIS - "Tiltframe"
United States, 1984

Brooch - Brass, steel, powdercoat, Sharpie marker pencil, paint sealer.

I continually draw inspiration from the visual language of sites encountered, observed and explored. I am fascinated with architectural sites in progress and I
continually document in and around them. In an attempt to understand the systems associated with the built environment, I take cues from my observations and push their inherent properties within the intimate scale of jewellery. This body of work takes aspects of the monumental architectural experiences I have encountered and reintroduces these spaces on the body as a site. Now, instead of our bodies inhabiting space, space inhabits the body. The tension and relationship between these two is critical. I see jewellery as a means of connecting us closer to the world surrounding us, as my work acts as a mobile vestige, rooted in place, personal narrative and identity.



Ekaterina - Peresvetti. beetle barbel. brooch. INSECTARIUM. 10 cm. gilded seed beads -  hematite - brass -  plasticEKATERINA PERESVETOVA - "Insectarium"
Russia, 1977

Brooch - Gilded seed beads, haematite, brass, plastic.

The main idea is to create jewellery about nature for an extravagant wearer. These pieces contain all kinds of materials, different techniques and a little humour.



Ezgi Okur - Görken Kızılçağlayan - Utopia - Peace - Plastic 18k Gold Plated BrassEZGI OKUR - "Utopia"
Turkey, 1985

Brooch - Plastic, Gold plated brass

The collection is called "Utopia" and each jewel in the collection represents a characteristic we desire to reach mankind. These characteristics are being tolerant, being peaceful, being loving, being in communication and being wise. The materials used in the construction of the products are brass, silver, plastic, acetate, copper and paracord.

gigi mariani-Bas-relief series Gash-Brooch-silverpure gold patina-cm 55x55x03GIGI MARIANI - "Bas-relief series"
Italy, 1957

Brooch - Silver, pure gold, patina.

My goal is to move from the concept of simple jewellery to a larger concept of sculpture and art pieces. I work with precious metals— silver and gold—and make use of antique and unique goldsmithery techniques, such as NIELLO, personalising my pieces to distinguish my work from others. My jewellery is usually finished with textured material, which hides the precious metals from the naked eye. As a painter uses his canvass to express their feelings, I use my jewellery as the base for expressing mine.




United Kingdom, 1994

Object - Vegetarian synthesised materials.

Haoyang Sun (known as Herman) is a jewellery artist, silversmith and gemologist based in London. He believes conceptual jewellery should be sensory and emotional, coming from the artist's heart and soul instead of a set of similar forms. He is also interested in ethnographic culture and collecting antiques. Herman has his own commercial understanding of art jewellery and is keen on resourceful design and material testing, carrying out self-development at the Royal College of Art (London).



heejin Lee Peking Euphorbia80x130x50mm sterling silverHEEJIN LEE - "Wildflowers"
South Korea, 1985

Brooch - Sterling silver

I express the uniqueness of the figurative characteristics of wild flowers into jewellery. The wild flowers have bright and soft colours. These colours fit well with nature. In order to express the colour of wild flowers well, in harmony with nature, I used silver and gold as a material in most of my works and tried to bring out a distinctive colour in the silver and gold. The changes in shadow showing in the expression of delicate gloss and achromatic colour emphasise a sense of space and the formative characteristics of each wild flower without colours.

Helmi Lindblom ode to cloudberries up artist residence down Love the way the sun shines through your earsHELMI LINDBLOM - "Ode to cloudberries"
Finland, 1989

Brooch - Shell, balloon, polymer, silver, gold and steel

After a year filled with loud cries of sadness and happiness, play and children's toys in rainbow colours, I feel my mind-set is knitted with pale colours, whispers and fragile aesthetics. In this series, tactility becomes a poem and whimsy is serious. Do not worry, I still believe that all this seriousness might be temporary. Humour is not forgotten, but it is hidden in my choices of materials.


Heng Lee FloralPrint of Formosa- Liliumkanahirai Nickel silver plated with platinum aluminum auto paint tread silk organzaHENG LEE - "Floral print of Formosa"
Taiwan, 1985

Brooch - Nickel silver plated with platinum, aluminium, auto paint, tread, silk organza.

Technology has completely taken over our lives. No matter where we are and where we go, we just can't seem to take our eyes off our phones and tablets. You can search for beautiful landscapes via the Internet, but you will never experience the sensation and beauty of Mother Nature. As a way of reflecting people's obsession with seeing nature via phone screens, Heng Lee has created his pieces by turning his own photographs into mosaics, then hand-sawing and laser cutting the metal.

Holly OHanlon.Excess 03 Excess 43x60x08 Steel linseed oil slate silver 18kt gold 2 part epoxyHOLLY O'HANLON - "Excess"
Ireland, 1992

Brooch Steel, linseed oil, slate, silver, gold, epoxy.

Excess. The aim of this series of brooches was to explore different forms of excess in order to draw attention to the overlooked, utilitarian or mundane and, in particular, to the traces and fragments that remain from carrying out a practical task.



Irene PalomarIRENE PALOMAR - "Maridajes eclécticos"
Argentina, 1952

Necklace - Silver, plastic net, acrylic pain.

Every material I see invites me to think about what contemporary jewellery I can make with it ... it induces me to create new forms in an unlimited untouched place ... I am attracted to disposable elements in a world where millions of plastic elements are discarded and contaminate for an eternity. In this collection, I use recycled plastic networks treated with heat. They are contracted and stretched to create shapes that inspire me. I combine them with other disposable elements or metal. A contemporary piece of jewellery is born to be seen, or to be used, in an Eclectic Pairing.





Jeemin Jamie Chung1 Mist1 Presence 90x45x110mm Brass.PigmentJEEMIN JAMIE CHUNG - "Mist presence"
South Korea, 1983

Object Brass, pigment.

My works can be defined through my life, featuring constant new encounters and departures and adapting to diverse cultures. I have always been fascinated by the existence of the invisible. It clearly does not show its existence, but by revealing itself through other forms, it has caught my attention. I wanted to reflect myself by partly revealing the moments of my life, to show my beliefs and values throughout my work. My aim was to talk and share more about the existence of the invisible by extending from Jewellery to Object. Within the concept, I wanted to share the process of clearing the noise within me through my art pieces.



Jounghye Park spores2 Brooch 150x190x60mm Hand-dyed silk 925SilverJOUNGHYE PARK - "Spores"
South Korea, 1972

Brooch - Hand-dyed silk, silver.

I have been researching the combination of fibre and metal materials to create new jewellery forms. I am drawn to silk for its countless possibilities in terms of colour and its near-weightlessness, which is ideal for my jewellery. The Spores series expresses the image of seeds flying freely in search of a new life.