Asami Watanabe - Autor Award lowAsami Watanabe
(Japan, 1987)


Emotion is born from our inside. That means we are human beings and we are living. Every feeling comes out when we feel happiness, sadness, joy, loneliness, pain. The crystal of emotion produced from our body becomes flowers and expresses a face. They are blooming from your true emotion, from inside. And they are born to pray to our happiness.

Brooch - Plastic, silver.

Florian Weichsberger - Schmuck Award lowFlorian Weichsberger
(Italy, 1982)


This series is inspired by tools and knives. They are mostly made from steel so they look technical and aggressive, but also designed and aestheticised. At the same time, there is no clear function. For me, they are about the space in between people and what is in there. You could see them as a shield or a menace for defining the personal space around you or for defending or protecting t it. But we also have the point that you could hurt yourself wearing the piece, or that you might break it. I am interested in this point of vulnerability when you are fully armed, like Achilles and his heel.

Necklace - Steel, cotton, brass.

Lai Weng Ian - Alchimia Award lowLai Weng Ian
(China, 1989)


The core of the concept aims to bring up a harmonious world and remind people that no matter how different we are, we all come from nature, we all are unique, but in the way we all are humankind, we should support each other instead of fighting; we should respect each other instead of comparing; we should accompany each other instead of isolating. We might not have the chance to choose our nationality or our parents, however we do have the right to become the people we want to be, and then we have the power to build a peaceful world.

Brooch - Silver, wood, potato skin.

karin roy andersson backupfront necklace3 a lowKarin Roy Andersson
(Sweden, 1983)


"The joy of repetition really is in you" - Hot Chip. The urge to repeat movements over and over again, methodically and resolutely, is something that is significant for both my personality and my work. Since I was a kid I have had a strong interest in animals, especially fish and birds. I love their shape, their movements and the pattern of the feathers and scales, their bodies, faces and - in our eyes - exceptional behaviour. In a society where the view on what is normal is still quite conservative, the way some fish species change sex, size and identity gives a new perspective.

Necklace - Recycled plastic thread, steel, silver.

Xiaodai HUANG-Enjoiat Categoria Estudiante lowXiaodai Huang
(China, 1993)


Based on mechanical aesthetics, I use 3D printing technology to create the new unknown biological jewelleries. I want to explore variation phenomena caused by environmental pollution and warn people not to waste industrial products.

Brooch - Resin, plant fluff, zircon.

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